Think back to win you were growing up. The awkwardness, the changes in your bodies. There were all kinds of changes. It was tough. These changes are tough for both boys and girls.

We may get "the talk" soon. We need it but how awkward it that too? I mean everything about heading to puberty was just weird.

A Way To Make This Transition Just a Bit Easier

I know when I was growing up, I had just moved to Texas. I had to learn all about the changes and make new friends. I ended up taking a summer class through Diane Dick's and I think that helped me make friends and learn more than I did from home.

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So when I ran across this on Facebook I thought "great they still offer classes like this." I know my daughter took a similar one at Amarillo College too.

This is a one day class that your daughter will learn a lot of life skills.

credit: Teresa Snider
credit: Teresa Snider

This seems like a great idea. The girls will learn how to have that confidence they need as they enter that uncertain time. They will learn the correct way to put on make up when mom says it is OK.

They will learn the importance of financial literacy. That is something that needs to be taught more often. Paying bills, saving money, credit scores. I mean go ahead and at least teach the fundamentals. It is very important to know how that your life can be easier if you have the basic skills to start off with.

A class like this is important for every girl to go through at least once. I am so glad to see that they are being offered.

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