So I have made it a point to watch American Idol this season.  Yes, it has a lot to do with it being the final season of the show.  Think about it, 15 seasons is a lot.  What's crazy is a lot of these kids auditioning were just babies when Kelly Clarkson was first crowned the first American Idol.  So with that said, last night was a good night for auditions.

Last night brought us chickens, forgotten lyrics, a surprise Military parent return and a amazing rendition of a son that you would have never expected to come out of this kid's mouth.  Oh my gosh, it was awesome.

Dalton Rappatoni is 17-years old, and he walked in front of the judges looking like a wannabe Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day.  Of course my first reaction was, "hmmmm, I wonder what alternative tune from the 90's this kid will be singing."  Oh no, that's not what he did.

Yes, he did an alternative twist to Andrew Lloyd Webber's, Phantom of the Opera. 

It was greatness.  So there you go, that was my pick from last nights auditions, who was your favorite?

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