Earlier this week, Eva Longoria, that flawless Latina beauty unfairly blessed with way too many good genes, pulled a Miley Cyrus and chopped her hair into a short pixie cut, leaving us blinking and wondering why the hell she'd do something so stupid.

Only as it turns out ... she didn't.

Longoria tweeted a picture of herself posing alongside celeb hairstylist Ken Paves, and there's a look of shock on her face -- but the devilish grin sort of gives away that her silky smooth chestnut mane wasn't in fact hacked to bits. Because if she really did that to her famous hair, we'd probably be seeing tears of sorrow instead.

Longoria joked to her Twitter followers, "You guys like the new hairdo?" Well, Eva, sure -- if you're playing Kris Jenner in a Lifetime TV movie (oh come on, you just know that project is coming).

Her fans and followers reacted in horror and lamented Eva's follicular "mistake," but a few minutes later, she revealed it was only a wig -- and all was right in the Twitterverse again.


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