Every single summer it seems that this has to be explained over and over. If you own a pool, you made a very personal decision to take on that level of headache. You have to keep it clean. You have to keep it up and running. You have to figure out how to fill your pool. No, that doesn't include or involve the City of Amarillo.

Places And People That Will Not Fill Your Pool In Amarillo, Texas

I get it. You're all excited about getting in your pool over the July 4th weekend. Probably have family and friends coming over that you've been bragging to all year. Suddenly, it dawns on you that you need to fill your pool and you need a way to get it done.

Kudos on taking the initiative and calling someone. In this day and age, that's commendable. However, that call doesn't need to go to these people:

  • The City of Amarillo
  • The Fire Department

No, the City is not going to send a crew over to fill your pool for you. The Fire Department is not going to pull up in your alley, throw one of their fancy hoses over your fence, and fill your pool for you. Filling your pool is in the hands of only one person. You.

How To Fill Your Pool For The Summer In Amarillo, Texas

First, you'll want to make sure you have this piece of equipment that industry insiders refer to as a "water hose". This water hose connects to the end of the faucet sticking out of your house. If you're lucky, you'll have more than one or you'll have one of those fancy hand-crank devices in the backyard somewhere. When I was a kid, our hand-cranked water-making device was red. I've seen them in shades of blue as well.

Attach the appropriate end of the water hose to the magic house faucet, and then put the other end in your pool. Be sure to turn the water on. Voila! Presto magico you've got water in the pool-o.

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