We lost one of the greatest voices, ever recorded today. Aretha Franklin leaves an amazing catalog of songs, behind. If you're interested in how she became the "Queen Of Soul:, here's a great place to start.

1. Think- Aretha Franklin steals her part in the Blues Brothers movie, by reading this riot act, to her "husband." Nobody wags a finger, like the Queen Of Soul.

2. Chain Of Fools-  In her opening line of "Chain Chain Chain..."Aretha sets the tone that's coming. It's easily singable, and makes clear, when she stands, and where her man does not.

3. Until You Come Back To Me- Aretha does the pleading in this laid-back, 70s classic. Rather than using her huge, church-trained voice, Lady Soul lays back in the pocket, and let's her inflections, carry the message.

4. Respect- Otis Redding wrote it, but Aretha rode it to fame. This was her coming out party, demanding her man, give her "propers." This song may have very well launched the Women's Lib movement, of the early 70s. She earned her "Queen Of Soul" moniker, after this song became her first number one song.

5. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman- Magnificent artists get signature songs. Aretha turned this Carole King opus, into an anthem. Men who "do right" get treated right. Goosebumps are guaranteed when the Queen hits the bridge "Oh what you do to me..." Aretha sang it when Carole King was inducted as an Honoree into the Kennedy Center, and brought the goosebumps and tears, to everyone in the audience, including Carole King.

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