Fox may have lost American Idol, but it hasn't given up on singing competition reality shows just yet. Just like Lionsgate hasn't given up on more Twilight or Hunger Games movies. These are today's PopBits.

Speaking with Variety, Fox's Rob Wade revealed how its American Idol replacement will be different, including the fact that it will only be 4-8 episodes long, and could premiere in the summer. The Four is conceptually more of an event than a season-long journey, but we'll have to wait to see just what Fox has in store in the new year.

Say what you will about the producers of the often-discussed How I Met Your Mother spin-off/reboot, but they are nothing if not persistent. After stumbling through an earlier attempt, Fox is again looking to bring back the magic of HIMYM with new writers and a new concept. Yay?

Since both Hunger Games and Twilight franchises concluded their theatrical runs, Lionsgate hasn't been quite the hit-maker it once was just a few years ago. CEO John Feltheimer told investors he's open to returning to those brands to tell new stories. It's worked for Harry Potter, so there's no reason to think it won't work with other young adult properties, right?

Better watch all your favorite Disney movies on Netflix now because they won't be there for much longer. Well, they'll be there for at least another year or so, but after that, you'll have to subscribe to Disney's own unnamed streaming service in 2019.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star and the singer-songwriter had their first baby this week. The pregnancy was actually kept secret by the couple right up until the child was born. No word on the name, but we wouldn't rule out John McLane, even if though the baby is a girl.

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