Days from its premiere, Game of Thrones is still keeping a fairly tight lid on penultimate Season 6 installment “Battle of the Bastards,” to say nothing of its “Winds of Winter” finale. That said, the big battle might not be all this Sunday has to offer, as a leaked report suggests a major meeting will be taking place, perhaps forming the next great ship to rival Tormund and Brienne.

You’re warned of possible spoilers through Sunday’s upcoming “Battle of the Bastards” (or potentially the finale), but where most of us presumed the hour would focus exclusively on the match between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton, it seems an insert from U.K. magazine TV & Satellite Week (via Vanity Fair) confirmed another climactic meeting: Yara and Daenerys!

And should the tweet go offline:

As Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton do battle in the North, elsewhere in the Seven Kingdoms it’s the female characters who look most likely to rule Westeros as season six comes to a close. This week’s episode sees Yara Greyjoy and her brother Theon finally make it to Meereen where the Ironborn warrior finds an admirer in Daenerys. “That’s the beauty of the show,” says Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys. “As women, we accept our femininity and take strength from it.”

The two certainly seemed destined to meet, what with Yara already taking in the brothels of Volantis on her way to seek out Daenerys, though most presumed such a meeting would wait until at least the finale. It might stand to reason that the two make acquaintance this coming Sunday, in order to deal with whatever threat Euron Greyjoy (remember him?) poses to the finale, but either way, Yara and Daenerys are the two queens we’re shipping all over Westeros. Literally, and figuratively.

We’ll find out by Sunday’s “Battle of the Bastards, so check out the photos and trailer below, and stay tuned for the final episodes of Game of Thrones Season 6.

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