I was fortunate enough to attend a screening of Get Out earlier this week, and hoo boy, that right there is one fine motion picture. Our beloved Editor-in-Chief Matt Singer made as much clear in his ringing endorsement from Sundance, but take it from me: Very spooky, very funny, has something to say, insanely well-cast, and even more well-acted. It’s an easy movie to love, and while the box-office receipts from this upcoming weekend will decide whether audiences agree, the critics of America have already made their voices heard. And those voices are ringing out in perfect unison, a harmony sounding out as if from an angelic choir: “THIS MOVIE RULES.”

That’s not really hyperbole, either; as of right now (noon, Eastern Standard time on Friday, February 24, 2017), Get Out has held onto its perfect 100 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating, with 115 ‘Fresh’ reviews filed. Attaining the spotless 100 percent score is not that rare — Things to Come, Isabelle Huppert’s non-Elle tour de force from last year, currently holds the hundo, as does concert documentary JT + the Tennessee Kids and the miniseries O.J.: Made in America. What makes Get Out’s critical success extraordinary, however, is its scope. Only two other films have maintained the perfect score past the 100-review mark, with Man on Wire boasting 154 ‘Fresh’ reviews and Toy Story 2 taking the top spot with 163 reviews. For the time being, Get Out enjoys some elite company.

A few conclusions can be synthesized from this information: Jordan Peele is a director of great, unheralded skill, and Get Out is not merely an excellent movie but a widely and generously likable one. It opens in theaters today.

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