Tesla's are amazing vehicles, and you see them all over the place the Texas. These marvels of travel tech have a lot of impressive gadgets and gizmos at their disposal. One surprising, and possibly unintended, use for your new Tesla might have to do with the paranormal. Are Teslas the latest and greatest in ghost-hunting tech?

Can Your Tesla See Ghosts When Traveling In Texas?

Texas is home to a lot of supposedly haunted places. The Lone Star State even boasts having some of the most haunted locations in the world. If you believe in that sort of thing, you might be interested in the latest and greatest in paranormal investigative hardware. A ride through Texas in a Tesla might be a hair-raising endeavor and for more reasons than just the crazy drivers.

Supposedly, Tesla's sensors that pick up pedestrians and other vehicles are good at picking up ghosts.

The Internet Is Full Of Teslas Picking Up Ghosts

The way it works is simple. People have been heading to their local cemetery on a leisurely drive. As they make their way down the lanes, they keep an eye on their Tesla's display. More often than not, the Tesla will signal that a pedestrian is nearby.

The only problem is, these people are in the cemetery alone.

Does this mean that Teslas have an eye on the "other side"? Can Teslas really see what we mere mortals can not? What step in the manufacturing process includes giving a Tesla sight into the world of the living no more?

Are Tesla Ghosts Real?

The skeptic in me wants to say that Tesla ghosts are more than likely not really ghosts. Instead, it's more likely the sensors are registering certain headstones or monuments incorrectly as pedestrians.

On the other side of the coin, the universe is a very strange and unpredictable place.

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