Harry Styles goes above and beyond for his beloved Directioners. (Remember when he saved one lucky fan from being trampled by the paparazzi?) Well, he has now made another fan's day -- by leaving her a voicemail! Eeek. Here's the scoop.

A Directioner named Ellie was just minding her own business when her stepdad met up with the 1D hottie at Shoreditch House in England. Knowing his daughter was a fan, he actually got Styles to call Ellie and leave her a message. And because this is the age of the Internet, Ellie posted the voicemail on Instagram.

"Hi Ellie, it's Harry here," Styles says sweetly as Ellie and her friend giggle excitedly in the background. "I'm with your dad and we've just had lunch together. He's a really nice guy."

"I hope I'll see you soon. I think we're having coffee next week, so maybe…" Styles says, before the video cuts off.

Way to leave us in suspense, Ellie! Are she and Harry actually going to meet up over a cup of joe?

If you're to believe the caption of the video, they just might.

"My voicemail from @harrystyles can't wait for our coffee next week," Ellie wrote about the sweet message, peppering it with a winky-face and kiss-blowing emoticons.

Listen to Harry Styles' voicemail and check out Ellie's stepdad's picture with the 1D singer below.

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