Today, a grand total of 666 laws went into effect in Texas. Do you think they got that number on purpose? Have you noticed anything different yet?

Here are a few that immediately caught my eye.

"Constitutional Carry"

The black gun (pistol) on a dark background close up. Isolate.

This is probably the one that got the most attention. Despite the headlines on all sides of the issue, I woke up to a pretty normal day.

Despite the fact that you no longer need a license or to take a course to carry a gun, there are still rules. You have to at least be 21, and there are still places you can't take your gun. So pay attention to signs posted.

It isn't quite the lawless "wild west" many had imagined. It also isn't the giant six-shooter themed bonanza some had hoped for.

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Sad news for someone who had hoped to strap iron to their hip and mosey on in to wherever they want. Cashier short change you? You still can't pull back your duster to reveal the heat dangling from your faux-leather belt.

Also, you still have to be legally able to own a firearm.

Long story short, if you are legally able to own a gun you can go get one and have it on. No problem. However, you do need to still follow the rules.

Beer on Sunday

Beer, blue sky

This one is a little bit more exciting, and it's something that a lot of people will notice on Sunday. The time for alcohol sales has been pushed back to 10AM.

The best part is that this is just in time for football season. Now you don't have to remember to pick everything up on Saturday. You don't have to sacrifice part of the game to run to the store.

Now you can go grab buns, brats, and brews and be home before the game starts.

I might do this on Sunday just...because...I can.

The 1836 Project


You ever go to an airport and get greeted by a guy in a funny outfit who offers you a pamphlet and a flower? This is like that, but a lot more "Texas."

Basically this boils down to "patriotic" Texas history materials being distributed through various channels. For instance, when you go to get your license.

Some call it heritage. Some might call "patriotic Texas history materials" a weird way of saying "propaganda." The rest of us call it stuff that will wind up next to those receipts cluttering the passenger floorboard of our car.

Also, this is really their way of saying "neener-neener" to the people who dreamed up the 1619 Project.

Changes to Curriculum

Crazy female teacher
Andrey Burmakin

This one I find particularly interesting. There's a piece of legislation, HB 3979, that deals with social studies curriculum. Basically, this exists as a response to the 1619 Project and lays down some strict guidelines on how certain topics can be addressed, and which ones should be addressed. Spoiler alert; it's a lot of founding fathers stuff.

Also listed under the umbrella of "teach our kids this stuff" is pretty much everything from the civil rights movement, the labor movement, women's suffrage, and so on.

Most interestingly, current events make the list of things that should not be discussed; unless all sides of the issue are allowed to be presented.

Protect the Star Spangled Banner

American Football.

This one means that any pro athletic team that receives funding from the state must play the national anthem before games. I feel like this one is a bit heavy handed considering some of the renditions I've heard in my lifetime.

TX Senate Bill 3 Passed: These Historical Subjects Would No Longer Be Teaching Requirements in TX Schools

Texans who disagree feel that removing these teaching standards are a step in the wrong direction and may lead away from educating our children about the diversity of American citizens and their histories.

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