Beyonce’s semi-surprise cameo on Lip Sync Battle (a twist that was foiled by a smartphone-ready audience member who took a super-stealth video of the moment and uploaded it to social media months before the episode aired) has set the bar pretty high for future performers, but Hayden Panettiere is apparently up for the challenge.

For her upcoming episode, the Nashville actress took some notes from Channing Tatum's show-stopping stint as Beyonce: Not only does Hayden channel Christina Aguilera's 2001 look during her lip-syncing performance of the star-studded "Lady Marmalade" remake, but she got the "Beautiful" singer herself to appear on the show alongside her.

Decked out as a slightly caricatured version of Christina from the music video (that blush!), Hayden is dressed in a red corset and lace-up boots with her blonde hair crimped to high heaven. How she'll convincingly lip sync the parts of five very different artists (Lil Kim, Pink, Mya and Christina all contributed to the remake, along with an intro and outro from Missy Elliott) will likely be a significant challenge.

Christina, however, offers a significant distraction when she reveals herself from behind a large, black feathered fan. Hayden moves aside, giving Christina center stage to perform her own iconic runs from the song, as it should be.

Hayden and Christina’s episode of Lip Sync Battle doesn't air on Spike TV until February 11, but you can check out the preview clip above in the meantime.

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