Lord knows we’ve missed the genius of Jon Stewart’s late-night voice in these troubled times, and it’s been some time since HBO signed the former Daily Show host to a four-year development deal. We wouldn’t expect Stewart to suit up again behind a desk just yet, but HBO now believes the late-night veteran will return to active TV duty just in time for the 2016 election.

Take this with a modicum of salt for now, but in conversation with CNN’s Brian Stelter on Thursday, HBO boss Richard Plepler expressed the likelihood that Stewart’s next project would take shape before long, saying “Yeah, I’m hopeful.” Stewart was initially reported to work on short-form content for HBO Now, though Plepler suggested something “improvisational” to come (via Variety):

It is a perfect example of bringing a remarkable original voice into the house, giving a new opportunity of expression to that original voice and saying, ‘We now have the flexibility to let you paint however you want to.’ My hunch is it will evolve over time. It will iterate over time. He has free reign to do whatever he wants.

Political-skewing content may not be in the cards, but should we expect more formal declarations from HBO and Stewart in the coming months? What should the ex-Daily Show host take aim at next?

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