Recently, on a trip to Palo Duro Canyon, something dawned on me. I've been to the canyon several times and had never really paid much attention to the people I was sharing my space with. Usually, I'm just focused on the kids. This past weekend though, I noticed that those of us in the canyon usually fall into one of five groups.

Here the 5 types of tourists you meet at Palo Duro Canyon.

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"Lost My Wife Guy"

At the end of the path leading up to the "big cave" at Palo Duro Canyon, I found myself standing next to an older gentleman while watching my kids explore the inside of the cave. The man stood, staring ahead, not saying a word.

As I was watching my children and catching my breath, the man turns to me and says with a good old fashioned belly-laugh, "I think I lost my wife."

Michael J. Rivera/TSM
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

We both laughed for a second before he admitted that it would probably be best if he looked for her, and then began the climb back down toward the road. Later, when we were making our way back down, I passed by "lost my wife guy" and overheard him getting an earful from a woman fully scorned.

It's not that odd to overhear those types of "discussions" being had, or hearing someone calling out the name of a person that was supposed to be standing right behind them.

"The Super Parent"

I fall into this category, and I noticed several other super parents on my most recent trip to the canyon. You'll see us on a trail and identify us by the toddler we're carrying.

Some of us use the piggyback ride method of transporting the little ones. Others opt for the one armed hip hold. You'll also be able to identify us by the insane amount of sweat pouring out of our bodies as we lug the little tykes along the trail.

"The Super Walker"

For the most part, the trails are pretty forgiving. Wear some comfortable shoes, some comfy clothes, and you'll be all set. I don't think I've found myself in a situation where I wished I had some really expensive hiking gear at the Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Others feel the need to be properly decked out in the latest and greatest hiking attire, even on the easier trails. They bring along the walking sticks that look like something they stole from a cross country skier. They have a pack decked with all kinds of survival gear, like hatchets and flint. Their skin-tight spandex clothing ensures they're both aerodynamic and cool on their walk.

No matter what happens on this little walk, they're overly prepared. It makes me feel under-dressed with my backpack and 4 bottles of water.

"The Influencer"

These individuals travel in packs of at least two; possibly more. One will be dressed as if they're a real estate agent who just bought a new billboard. The other will be carrying a camera.

You need to keep an eye out for the influencer. They stop at random, and will spend a rather long amount of time posing along the trail to make sure they get just the right angle and light. Make sure you don't cut through the shot, or you'll have to deal with sassy looks and side-eye.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Patiently wait to be given the go ahead, or for the picture to be taken, if you can't walk around.

"The I'll Just Wait Here Person"

Every group has one. This person serves as a living landmark letting you know that you aren't too far away from where you parked. They exit the vehicle, let the sun hit them, look at the trail, and the say, "I'll just wait here."

While waiting they'll flip through social media and news alerts on their phone, which is nice. They'll be able to get you caught up with everything you missed while experiencing nature.

It almost never fails that this individual is also in charge of the snacks. They will have made their way through several, however this is the price you pay to have someone guarding the parking lot.

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