Some Texas residents have been surprised recently by an increase in their Atmos bill. Some are supposedly saying that their bills are hundreds of dollars higher than what they're used to. Since many of us are having to stretch our budgets and tighten our belts more these days, it makes sense that many are wondering if more of us will be seeing an increase.

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Residents In Texas Seeing Higher Than Usual Atmos Bills

According to reports, users were seeing a big change in how expensive their Atmos bill is. You can find people complaining all over the internet about the increase and the fact that some of them are supposedly paying hundreds more than usual. I don't know anyone who would be able to take that kind of shock to the wallet and brush it off.

In Dallas, where the reports are coming from, on top of the sticker shock on their bills, they're looking at a rate hike, according to reports. The increase comes out to over $13 a month.

What Are We Supposed To Do With The Price Of Everything Still Going Up?

Ask anyone and they'll tell you, it feels like the cost of everything is on the rise. People are paying a lot closer attention to where their dollars are going these days. It seems tough to get ahead of it when the prices seem to be on an elevator that only goes one direction.

There are some things you can do to help bring your gas bill down, no matter who your provider is. These range from:

  • setting your thermostat so that it isn't constantly running
  • not running heat when the home is unoccupied for long periods
  • cooking more efficiently
  • having your system serviced
  • go electric when possible

And those are just scratching the surface.

The bad news is that some of us are seeing higher bills. The news that isn't quite so bad is that there are ways we can reduce our usage and lower our bills.

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