For the past couple of years, things have been tough on our family-owned local businesses. They're doing their best, and are trying to get by just like the rest of us.

Show some love to our local businesses. They could use it.

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 The Struggle Is Real

It doesn't take a scientist to realize how tough things are for small business owners right now. Social media feeds are full of posts regarding open positions, supply chain issues, and other challenges these business owners face.

It's easy to forget the times we live in. The way things are done has changed over the last two years. Sometimes you slip back into those old expectations.

How A Doughnut Reminded Us To Show Some Understanding

Got Donuts? in Canyon recently posted on social media regarding a negative review left by a disgruntled customer. I think they handled the review with grace, and they even offered to return the person's $2 they spent.

In their post, Got Donuts explains the issues they're facing.

One, we're at the start of the school year. That's a busy time for purveyors of donuts. As if they weren't busy enough in years past, they remind everyone that they're currently the only donut shop in Canyon.

That's a lot of doughnut craving people to serve for one doughnut shop.

Two, they also mention how they're training new employees daily. Talk to almost any small business owner, and keeping staff has become a real challenge.

It sounds like Got Donuts? is doing everything they can to serve their community.

Be Patient, Kind, And Grateful

While there are those exceptions, most family-owned businesses strive to make sure they have the best product possible. They live off of their reputations, and usually go above and beyond to make sure every customer is happy.

Be sure to show a little extra love to our local businesses, and extend a little extra patience and grace their way.

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