When it comes to Texas outlaws, no name is as iconic as that of Jesse James. Jesse James is immortalized in local lore all over the Lone Star State. One of the most interesting debates regarding Jesse James is where he is buried. You would think knowing where someone is buried would be pretty simple. However, when Jesse James is involved, nothing is ever as it seems.

The Final Days Of Outlaw Jesse James

Jesse Woodson James is a man whose name conjures images of those days when the West was still wild. When you think Jesse James you think train robberies and buried treasure. Supposedly, Jesse James was eventually shot down by a fellow gang member in 1882 to collect the bounty on his head.

In life, the exploits of Jesse James made him a full-blown celebrity. In death, Jesse became legendary and people took a real interest in debating over what really happened. Did Jesse James really die in Missouri? Is it possible he faked the whole thing to elude authorities? Things took an interesting turn when Jesse James supposedly decided to show his face again in 1948.

How Romance Tied Jesse James To Granbury, Texas

Granbury, Texas claims that the real final resting place of one of the most notorious outlaws in history belongs to them. According to legend, Jesse wasn't killed by a fellow gang member for the bounty. The legend goes that it was someone else who was killed, and that body was used to convince authorities that Jesse was dead. It isn't Jesse buried in Missouri, but a decoy...so to speak.

The story goes that Jesse was sweet on a girl from Granbury, and eventually returned there to live out his days. He had simply fallen in love and enjoyed the pace of life in Granbury enough to return one day with his grandson to live out his last days.

There was a man named John Dalton who claimed to be the real Jesse James in 1948. J. Dalton was supposedly 101 years old when finally came forward with his true identity. Supposedly, he had filed for a Confederate pension and received it. The name he gave, instead of Jesse James, was John Dalton. To make matters even more confusing, a post-mortem examination showed he had over thirty bullet wounds and what appeared to be scarring from a rope burn around his neck.

The Battle Over The Final Resting Place Of Jesse James

Granbury claims that Jesse James is there, buried in the local cemetery. On their city's website, they even claim that many of Jesse's descendants visit the headstone and honor his grave there. Surviving members of Jesse's family disputed the claims of J. Dalton and claimed the body in Missouri was the real deal.

We'll probably never know for sure where the final resting place of Jesse James is, and honestly, it might be better that way. Part of the allure of Jesse James now is that there is so much mystery that surrounds him. Whether it's buried treasure or a body, the mystery is what makes the legends worth telling over and over again.

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