When you asked a kid what instrument they want to play the first four that come to mind are drums, guitar, piano, and sax. You very rarely hear a kid ask, "hey mom can I play the cello." It isn't one of those instruments that is considered "cool." However, these two guys take these cellos and make them amazingly cool.
They take Guns N Roses song "Welcome to the Jungle" and literally rock it out on the cello.

Other instruments that don't seem cool that have become cool because of music.

Violin- It instantly becomes cool when you call it a fiddle, and put it in the hands of this guy, then it becomes musical gold.
Upright Bass- Casey Abrams made it look cool on American Idol.

Plus the Barenaked Ladies use one

or see the original video here


Soprano Sax- Kenny G can jam on this golden instrument.

OK who am I kidding.  It's Kenny G.  I don't think the soprano sax can be that cool.

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