Jacob is an interesting individual to speak with. He is blunt. Plain spoken. His mind swirls with dates, theology, and conviction. All of it leading to one goal. In his words, the end goal of his work is to help traumatized individuals find hope and confidence.

What Is American Cross Global

Jacob, who calls Amarillo home, has an organization called American Cross Global. They have an on-going project aimed at building a massive cross on, or near, Mount Jesus in Kansas. This cross would be roughly three times the size of the tallest building in Amarillo.

Why Do We Need Another Giant Cross

On the phone with Jacob, I asked him why he chose a cross. I pointed out that there is already a giant cross located in Groom, TX, and he responded that the cross he plans to build is based on the universal symbol of the cross; the balance between spirituality and materialism. The cross would be a tool, a symbol, used by people to regain hope. It is a "means to an end to inspire."

He also hopes that the cross would act as a kind of catalyst, bringing people to view the American Cross Global website and the materials gathered there.

TikTok, Jesus, and the FAA

He cites the modern inability to focus for long periods of time as a reason to create such a massive monument. In what he calls the "TikTok Generation," we're more likely to watch quick videos than scroll through endless text.

Videos and images of the cross would be used to inspire, and then point people toward the organization's material on their website; according to Jacob.

FAA clearance has already been obtained, and according to Jacob, the next step is testing. He has picked out a research facility in Canada to test the structure of the giant cross.

The High Cost of Wind Tunnel Testing

The cost of such testing is hefty. The price-tag comes to roughly $250,000. Jacob has set up a GoFundMe for those who would like to donate. There is also a way to donate, if you feel so led, on the website.

The American Cross Global Website Is Massive

If you go visit the website, the first thing you'll notice is that the website's overall "look" hasn't been updated since the early 2000s. Jacob said that is on purpose, to keep all of the information available on the site as easy to sift through as possible.

His concern is that scrolling through endless drop down menus containing 135 topics and hundreds of pages of information would be frustrating to someone who is already trying to cope with trauma in their life.

The website is impressive in its sheer size. The language is blunt; straight forward. No punches are pulled in presenting cataclysmic events plaguing mankind through the author's own theological lens.

Why Do Any Of This At All

I asked Jacob why he would go through all of this trouble. I had to know why someone would make this their life's mission. He told me that he himself was a traumatized person, and wanted to help others.

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