Recently I had the chance to speak with screenwriter, TV and film director/producer and author Marc Cushman.

Marc is currently putting the polish on volume three of what, in my opinion, is the ultimate tome of Star Trek - The Original Series.

Each book of 'These Are The Voyages TOS' is broken down by season. Not only was the author allowed access, from Gene Roddenberry himself, to go through 70 boxes of script pages, notes and memos, but also has gotten first hand recollections from those in front of and behind the camera.

While listening to each segment of our conversation you'll find out things like:

  • Was William Shatner as 'bad' on the set as some people have said and written?
  • Was Star Trek really the ratings disaster that we've been told the past 45 + years?
  • Who is this 'famous' unknown writer Lee Cronin and was he embarrassed about season three?
  • 'Spock's Brain:' Why it's not the worst Trek ever.
photo credit\original nbc broadcast bumper, 1968

If you're a fan of science-fiction, Star Trek or how things work behind the scenes of putting together a weekly one-hour TV series, then these books should definitely be in your collection.

This is, hands down, a work of love for Marc. The passion of the writing and the attention to detail is beyond compare.

As you will find out in my interview this hasn't been years, but decades in the making.

Did the idea for this book come from a 'dare' by Gene Roddenberry?

Was Star Trek really the 'ratings disaster' we've been led to believe for over 45 + years?

A lot of negative things have been written about William Shatner and his days on Trek, but your book brings in a 'fresh' perspective.

Writer Lee Cronin signs on for some episodes of Season Three, including 'Spock's Brain.' Who was he?

What kind of feedback have you had to these books so far?

film trim courtesy of gerald gurian

Marc and I spoke for almost 90 minutes and there are so many more stories to tell, but I can't giveaway all the secrets.

I will be adding more from our conversation a little bit down the road and am anxiously looking forward to catching up with him again when Book Three is released this fall.

film trim courtesy of gerald gurian