It was well known that -- partly to appeal to an ever-growing global audience -- Marvel thought ahead and included Chinese actors for an extended cut of 'Iron Man 3' that was made specifically for the Chinese market. Now that the film has been released in China, the content of those additional scenes have been revealed, and it turns out that the rest of the world isn't missing much.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that there are only four additional minutes of footage, all of it is superfluous, and it's mostly made of product placement. For instance, one of the scenes features actor Wang Xueqi drinking a carton of Gu Li Duo, which is a cheap "milk drink" (Note: THR refers to it as "milk drink," which suggests it's not completely milk). One scene features an actor talking on the phone while footage of Iron Man is on a TV in the background, and at the end there appears to be slightly more conversation.

It seems the biggest change is that the character of The Mandarin (played by Ben Kingsley) is named something else in the Chinese version. But whatever concerns there were that Chinese audiences would get an extra action scene -- or something along those lines -- has been dashed, which is not all that surprising as director Shane Black has commented that he didn't have much to do with it.