The tradition of having a night out with your friends before you exchange vows is a time honored one that is observed in a variety of ways. It usually is viewed as one last "hurrah" before settling down for the rest of forever. Yes, we love our bachelor and bachelorette parties. So, which city would be the best one to have this final night out in?

Apparently, the best city in the US for bachelor and bachelorette parties is in Texas.

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How To Determine The Best City For A Bachelor(ette) Party

There's a lot to consider when planning a bachelor or bachelorette party. Things like:

  • Hotels or Airbnbs
  • Food
  • Entertainment

So, when it comes to planning that big last night out away from the future ball and chain, which city in the entire nation is the best for you make memories you'll never remember in?

Say Hello To Austin, Texas

According to the fine individuals who get their kicks out of crunching numbers at InsureMyTrip.Com, Austin, Texas is the city that takes the cake...and whoever is hiding inside of it; if you know what I mean.

Photo by Avi Werde on Unsplash
Photo by Avi Werde on Unsplash

According to their research, Austin has it all. There's plenty of entertainment options, vibrant nightlife, plenty of Airbnbs and hotels, and the iconic music scene.

Austin beat out San Francisco and San Diego to round out the top three respectively.

Is This Really The Best Spot For Your Final Night Of Freedom?

I'll be honest. Austin, Texas never crossed my mind when I was considering where to go for my own bachelor party. It didn't cross the minds of my groomsmen either.

You usually default to places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or any other number of places that cater to a wild night out.

According to this study, you'll get the most bang for your buck in Austin. What do you think?

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