Amarillo has many intersections in town that seem to take forever to get through.  Streets that lead to busy roadways.  Some of these streets are dangerous and have many wrecks that occur.

You may have spent many a minute at these intersections wondering why this particular area doesn't have a traffic light when it should.  You may have asked, "Why doesn't the city do anything about this dangerous intersection."

Some of the areas that have been mentioned that need a signal are Tradewinds and 34th, Hillside and Shawnee, Loop 336 and Heritage Hills, just to name a few.

If you have asked those questions and wondered why then you can ask the city that question.  You can actually reach out to the city and voice your concern and ask them to place a traffic light in a, particularly busy or dangerous intersection.

You can call  378-9384 and request to have a signal installed.  The city will then conduct a Traffic Signal Study to see if it is feasible.

What is involved in a Traffic Signal Study?  We asked the City of Amarillo and here's the steps:


Section 4C.01 Studies and Factors for Justifying Traffic Control Signals


01 An engineering study of traffic conditions, pedestrian characteristics, and physical characteristics of the location shall be performed to determine whether installation of a traffic control signal is justified at a particular location.

02 The investigation of the need for a traffic control signal shall include an analysis of factors related to the existing operation and safety at the study location and the potential to improve these conditions, and the applicable factors contained in the following traffic signal warrants:

Warrant 1, Eight-Hour Vehicular Volume

Warrant 2, Four-Hour Vehicular Volume

Warrant 3, Peak Hour

Warrant 4, Pedestrian Volume

Warrant 5, School Crossing

Warrant 6, Coordinated Signal System

Warrant 7, Crash Experience

Warrant 8, Roadway Network

Warrant 9, Intersection Near a Grade Crossing

Those are the steps to get a traffic light installed.  Again if you know of an intersection that you think needs a light, call 378-9384.

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