Picture this; you're driving down the road at night and notice a police officer set up. It's an obvious speed trap, which you were lucky enough to not speed through. Up ahead you see an oncoming car and think you'll be neighborly and flash your high beams real quick to give them a friendly heads up. Did you just break the law?

Is flashing your high beams to warn an oncoming driver of a speed trap illegal in Texas?

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Is It Illegal To Flash Your High Beams To Warn Drivers Of A Speed Trap In Texas?

A lot of us have heard the warnings that pulling this neighborly stunt may land you in some hot water with the fuzz. I remember being told this warning when I was a kid. I was confused why people were flashing their lights at us, and that's when the "wisdom" was shared.

As is the case with most laws, the answer to this question can be a little involved. So, I spent an almost unjustifiable amount of time searching through Google results trying to come up with something substantial.

Fortunately, I found a YouTube channel with videos made by a lawyer in Texas. He just so happened to tackle this topic.

Apparently, There Are Laws And Then There Are Provided Defenses

According to the video, which you can see below, there is a law regarding obstruction of justice. The language of this law would make it seem that using your high beams to warn another driver of a speed trap is illegal.

However, there is a provided defense to prosecution.

That defense actually says it's okay for you to flash your lights to warn another driver of an upcoming speed trap, according to the video. There's a lot of legal jargon to get through, but that winds up being the point.

No, it's not illegal for you to flash your lights to warn another driver of a speed trap.

There is, however, a catch. There's always a catch.

You Can Get In Trouble If You Flash Your Lights Within 500ft Of Another Vehicle

We're starting to get into the part of the law that I love. The odd catches and exceptions.

The video points out that while it may be legal for you to flash your lights, it is illegal for you to "illuminate" your high beams if there's a vehicle coming your direction and they happen to be closer to you than 500ft.

I hate stuff like this. I don't carry a yard stick. How am I supposed to know how far 500ft is off the top of my head? I guess a good rule is just don't do it if the other car is getting close?

Other than that, I suppose it's safe. Be a good neighbor, just not within 500ft.

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