I wrote about the Jowell school house a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, it is pretty much nothing but ruins today. This is thanks to a fire that was set by vandals about a decade ago.

Some paranormal investigators recently made a trip out to the location, and they have us wondering if the Jowell school house area could actually be haunted.

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The Jowell School House In The Texas Panhandle

When I wrote about the Jowell school house, I pointed out how finding it can be a bit of tricky business. Especially considering that there is nothing to mark its existence, or importance to the area.

Texas Historical Commission, June 1, 1987
Texas Historical Commission, June 1, 1987

It sits derelict, nothing more than a husk of what once was a focal point of the community. It's an all too familiar, and sad, story in the panhandle.

And while it may be abandoned and in ruin, some seem to think that it isn't empty.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

Halfway Dead Paranormal Meets The Jowell School House

Recently, my editor reached out to me to let me know that a group of paranormal investigators had read my piece about the school house. They had an update of sorts for me.

They had made a trip out to that area, and believe that it is in fact a haunted location. They say it is very active and that they have a lot of footage interacting with who, or what, is out there.

Some of that footage made it onto YouTube, where you can watch the investigators try and hold down a conversation with someone from the other side.

Halfway Dead Paranormal
Halfway Dead Paranormal via YouTube

Are There Really Ghosts At The Jowell School House?

I've been honest about my feelings regarding the paranormal in the past. I've written a lot about supposedly haunted locations across the Texas panhandle. I feel now, how I always have. Some things are just hard to explain, but that doesn't mean it was a ghost.

That being said, this footage is really interesting. If we take things at face value, there are a lot of coincidences in the video. Lights being turned on and off by request. Disembodied answers to questions.

It's enough to make you think.

Check out the rest of Halfway Dead Paranormal's channel on YouTube here. They visit several well known "active" locations in the Texas panhandle.

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