After 95 million votes, American Idol now has its two finalist of Season 10.  It has been in interesting season.  I have to admit out of all the seasons of American Idol that I have watched, this has to be the best season of talent ever.  I can't help but wonder if it is because more kids are turning the right age for eligibility.  So, it will be a country showdown next week on American Idol.



I knew Scotty would move on.  He has got raw talent.  Scotty,

American Idol title or not will go on to have a long country music career.  I even told my friends last night after his performance that Scotty makes me love country music again.  Even though he is so young he seems to have an old country soul.

Lauren Alaina, has the ability and talent to be the next CarrieUnderwood.  American Idol gave us Carrie and very well could give us Lauren Alaina.

I see a very bright future for these two now matter who wins the American Idol title.  I also have a little wish.  I hope they become the next Kenny and Dolly (for those non-country fans, that's Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton)

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