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A mascot is a touchstone for a school. It is more than the student in the costume doing flips and attending every sporting event at the school.

These are the icons that school administrators chose early in the school's development to represent their school. The mascot unites everyone under one single name and one persona, so they can all be a cohesive group.

There are thousands of schools that are Eagles, Tigers, Bulldogs, and Panthers. What if you want to make a statement that your school is different?

Texas Schools Have Made Some Wild Mascot Choices

Texas is a huge state with plains, beaches, prairies, and woods. All that eco-diversity leads to a wide array of choices when it comes to mascots.

If you are in a school by the beach, you wouldn't pick a land-loving mammal. In turn, if you are in the savanna you might not pick an ocean-going fish as a mascot.

Some schools have gone against the grain and made some very interesting choices over the years.

There Are So Many Students And High Schools In Texas

When you start talking about the sheer number of kids in Texas schools it is just mindblowing. There are almost more kids in school in Texas than there are people in Colorado.

With 8,161 schools and over 3,000 high schools, it's tough to stand out from the crowd. I went to schools in Texas with mascots like Lumberjacks, Roadrunners, and Panthers.

That's pretty normal when it comes to High School Mascots in Texas. Now we will focus on unique mascots at Texas High Schools, and they do not disappoint.

20 Unique Texas High School Mascots

With so many different high schools all over the state of Texas, there are many unique mascots to choose from. Here is our top 20.


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