We've all dreamed about it at some point, moving to a different country and what it would be like. Many have followed through with that, leaving Amarillo for other countries, or vice versa. However, before you do that you probably want to be able to communicate right?

It seems a lot of people move to the United States without being able to communicate in English, and I'm talking from all over the world. It can be frustrating for not only the person who moved here, but for the ones who only speak English. We struggle to be able to communicate with everyone.

Things have a tendency to get lost in translation, especially if the English is broken. Well, if you're one of the ones who struggle with speaking English, there's good news for you, and it won't cost you anything to do it.

Amarillo Public Library is ramping up their spring season of English as a Second Language classes and they'll be available at two different libraries in town.

Kicking off the week of Jan. 22, this is a great opportunity to help learn English and not have to pay to do it. The Downtown library will be offering classes on Monday and Wednesday nights from 5:30-7 pm with classes running through April 25th, while the East Branch library will have classes on Monday and Tuesday nights from 6-7:20 pm ending April 23.

Registration for the classes is now open and all you have to do is head to one of the two libraries to get signed up. They'll be signing people up between 5:30-7 pm. Registration is not required, but is greatly appreciated.

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