I'd hate to say it, but literally nothing surprises me these days. People simply can't act right, and I'm starting to come to terms with this.

Mass shootings in schools and concerts, road rage going out of control, and now this.

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Last night, four people were injured, including a Potter County Deputy and a firefighter who were both off-duty. An innocent bystander was also shot in the chaos.

So what caused it? You guessed it, a fight amongst teens. I don't care what the fight was about, there's nothing big enough to where you need to pull out a gun and start firing it at them.

I wanted to take my kids to the fair this weekend, but now I'm really starting to second guess whether or not this is a good idea. I mean, my kids are 11, 8, and 9 months old. Do I really want to put them in that kind of environment?

The short answer is yes...but only in the middle of the day when these things are less likely to happen. I truly believe they have good security at the fair, and after this incident, I anticipate security efforts will be ramped up.

When the sun goes down and the crowds start to pack together, it's easy for things to not be seen. I'm not here to blame security or law enforcement for not seeing it. They can't be everywhere at once, but bad things seem to happen as nighttime sets in.

Granted, I'm not going to have my kids out at the fair at 11 pm or later anyway, but I still feel safe going. Don't let this incident deter you from going. Of course, you're free to make your own decision on it, but this only happens once a year. It would be a shame that this one person could ruin it for so many families and kids to enjoy.

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