A Lot Of Wild Things Keep Happening At The Dallas Zoo Over The Last Few Weeks And Folks Are Trying To Figure Out What's Going On.

The Dallas Zoo is known as one of the top Zoos in the Country but over the last few weeks, lots of weird and suspicious things have been happening including animals escaping their enclosures, and the mysterious deaths of other animals.

Dallas Police Are Now Investigating The Latest Incident: The Theft Of 2 Monkeys.


According to The Dallas Zoo, two of the zoo's emperor tamarin monkeys have been stolen after they were discovered missing from their enclosure Monday and their habitat had been “intentionally compromised.” The Zoo went on to add that emperor tamarin monkeys would likely stay close to home and staff searched near and around the monkeys habitat and the zoo grounds to no avail. Dallas Police believe that this is a case of theft.

This is the fourth time this month that the zoo has discovered its animals or their enclosures may have been tampered with.


The series of unfortunate events began on January 13 when a clouded leopard named Nova disappeared, prompting the zoo to close as they searched for the animal. Dallas Police opened a criminal investigation after it was discovered that the fence around Nova’s enclosure had been “intentionally cut,”.

Thankfully, the leopard was found on the zoo grounds but later that same day, they discovered that a similar cut had been made to the enclosure of some langur monkeys but luckily the monkeys did not escape.

Despite Increased Security, More Incidents Took Place Including The Death Of A Vulture.

Just a few days later, even after the zoo installed additional security cameras, more than doubled its overnight security personnel and increased its overnight staffing, a vulture named Pin was found dead in his habitat. Zoo officials called the bird’s death “suspicious” and said “an unusual wound and injuries” indicated Pin did not die from natural causes.

The zoo is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and indictment of a suspect in the vulture’s death and Dallas Police continue to investigate the incidents.


UPDATE: Dallas Police Have Identified A Person Of Interest In The Theft Of The monkeys.


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