The fall hunting and fishing season in Texas is right around the corner. That means that tomorrow (August 15) is a really big day for hunting and fishing enthusiasts in Texas.

Tomorrow is the day that annual hunting and fishing licenses go on sale in the Lone Star State.

Where To Get Your Hunting And Fishing License In Texas

Licenses for the 23/24 hunting and fishing seasons in Texas go on sale August 15. It's like Christmas; if Christmas smelled like the inside of a blind and Santa was covered in camo.

There are a lot of ways to get your license. On the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, they state that you can purchase your license online directly through their website. You can even call the number they provide to make it happen.

Of course, you can always visit one of the many retail locations that sell hunting and fishing licenses.

Don't Forget. Hunting And Fishing Have Gone Digital.

I was blown away reading the TPWD webpage announcing the sale date for licenses. There's a lot of digital components available for those engaging in hunting and fishing.

The TPWD points out that there are types of digital licenses available. Check their website for more info. You will need to keep your digital license handy while in the field.

They state you'll need the My Texas Harvest Hunt mobile app, which also allows for digital tagging. You can also view the license through the TPWD Outdoor Annual app.

It's 21st century hunting in the Lone Star State.

However you intend to purchase your license for the upcoming seasons, enjoy yourself and stay safe.

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