Scams have been hitting Texas residents left and right this year. From spoofed phone numbers to threatening emails, we're getting slammed with scammers trying to separate us from our cash. Recently, I received a weird text message and discovered that I'm not the only one who apparently owes random toll authorities money.

Heads Up Texas! Scammers Sliding Into Your DMs.

The text I received alerted me to the fact that I had outstanding fees with some toll authority, and it was time for me to pay up. Figuring that they had let me go for so long without paying it, I wasn't in a hurry and just deleted the message. It seemed odd, and I don't remember ever being in Pennsylvania. Then I saw a post on Facebook from the Amarillo Police Department.

It turns out that I'm not alone in taking road trips I don't remember.

Beware Of Random Text Messages Containing Links.

It seems like we've been hearing this a lot recently. Do not click links that arrive in random text messages. Usually, these links take you to a website that looks official but isn't. It's going to ask you for a lot of personal information and then funnel it right to the scammers.

The scammers will then use that information to do things like take your money, which is something none of us enjoy. Don't click on random links in text messages, and if they claim to be some official organization, call that organization yourself and verify what you've been told. The scammers are hitting us from all sides. Protect your info and your cash.

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