Finding a place to rent in Amarillo can be tough. The cost of rent alone keeps going up, and it seems like you're getting less and less for your money.

With the high cost of everything right now, can Amarillo renters ever win?

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Frustrated Renters In Amarillo Texas

Facebook is well known for the aggressive back-and-forth that takes place nowadays in the comments section of posts. That gets cranked to eleven when it comes to rental property.

It's understandable. I don't care what the "studies" say. Rent is getting more expensive and it has everyone on edge. For instance, I saw a sign in front of what looked like a dilapidated trailer that said "For Rent". I called the number, and just to move in would cost over $2,000.

Chipped paint, rough roof, and a broken privacy fence with an entire missing panel can all be yours for over two-grand. I drove back by a week later, and someone had actually moved in. Couldn't believe it.

War Of Words Online Over Amarillo Rentals

A recent post in one of the Amarillo buy, trade, sell pages on Facebook caught my attention this morning. Someone was posting in response to a Zillow ad.

The property would set you back $1,250 a month in rent. Keep in mind, that's just rent. That doesn't include deposits and fees up front.

According to the social media post, the roof is in really, really bad shape. The heater in the home doesn't work. Supposedly, there's a mold covered cherry on top of this nightmare sundae.

The landlord? Not willing to fix anything.

On top of that, you hear horror stories of all kinds of scams happening when it comes to rentals. There are those out there who will take fees and deposits just to never speak to you again.

It's rough out there.

Still, You Have To Give Credit Where It's Due

Finding a good landlord feels like trying to find your soulmate these days. Once you find one, hold on to them and never let them go.

With all of the drama surrounding rentals, thank you to the good landlords. Wish there were more of you.

If you're searching, good luck. Save up, and be sure to check into your potential landlord. They're running checks on you. Return the favor.

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