It's getting harder to see the fine line between being creative and being desperate when it comes to scams in Amarillo. We've seen a flood of them recently, and today is one that I think takes the cake. This one puts a spin on the old "warrant out for your arrest" scam, and it involves your DNA.

Scammers Calling About Your DNA In Amarillo, Texas

The Potter County Sheriff's Department put the word out earlier today that a new scam is in the area. It started with a phone call. The intended victim answered and was informed that there was a warrant out for their arrest due to the fact that they never submitted a DNA sample. The scammer went a step further and said that the intended victim also owed $2,000.

Fortunately, the person hung up and called the Potter County Sheriff's Department and asked if any of this was true. As you might have already noticed, none of it was true. There wasn't a warrant out for them because of a DNA test, and they didn't owe $2,000.

How To Tell If You're Being Scammed In Amarillo, Texas

If you get one of these calls, you should do what this person did. Hang up and call wherever the scammer is pretending to be from. The Sheriff's Office won't ever call you demanding cash so you can get out of a warrant. They won't call you demanding cash, gift cards, or Bitcoin. It's not how they do things.

The tricky part with these scams is that the scammer will pretend to be law enforcement, which will probably put you on edge immediately. Then, you hear there's a warrant out for your arrest, and your mind starts racing trying to figure out what's going on. They shock you and scare you into making dumb decisions. Stay calm, hang up, and then call whoever they're pretending to be.

Stay aware. Scammers are working overtime to separate us from our money. They're even involving our DNA now.

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