Everything is costing more this year. I mean if you can even find the item you want. Just know it costs more. The price of gas is way over $4.00 a gallon. What is going on?

Then of course earlier this year homeowners found out how much the value of their homes went up. I mean that is a good thing if you are looking to sell right now. It's a bad thing if you are planning to stay at the home for a while. It's also a bad thing if you own a rental property.

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I mean that is bad news for the tenant that is currently renting. Odds are your rent is about to go up. When the value of the home goes up then the taxes usually go up too. So basically someone has to pay that difference.

That is where you, the renter, come in. Some homes have gone up over $30,000 in home value. Some much, much more. It just seems crazy. Owners have the opportunity to protest. Who knows how successful that can be. So just get ready for your biggest expense, your home, to be an even bigger expense.

I feel like rent in Amarillo is crazy high anyway. I know I pay less for my mortgage, taxes, and insurance than a renter in a similar-sized house. I watch around and see what the going rate is for most things. Renting is just crazy high right now.

How Much Has Your Rent Gone Up?


RARE FIND: The Last Home in a Nice Neighborhood For Sale Under $200k in Amarillo

This is it. I've found it.

This is the only home for sale in Amarillo that's in a safe neighborhood, has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and is under $200k (and not a total dump).

This adorable house at 1024 S. Travis is listed with Annie Miller of M Group and is listed at $199k. Check out the official listing for more details.

You'll find it in the historic Bivins neighborhood and it is just darling. Whoever gets to be the lucky buyer: treat it well.

As for the rest of us....well..good luck in the Housing Market Games of 2021.

1009 S Girl Scout Rd, Amarillo, TX

This gorgeous residential home is listed with Triangle Realty, LLC and has an asking price of $1,375,000. It's incredible location is sure to take your breath away.

You can view the original listing here.



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