A lot is happening in Amarillo, Texas this weekend. While you're out enjoying all the events taking place on Saturday, May 4, set aside some time to donate blood. If you do, it could be the beginning of your dream vacation.

How Donating Blood And Your Dream Vacation Go Together In Amarillo

On May 4, Coffee Memorial Blood Center is going to be having a cruise giveaway. Donors at either the Coffee Memorial Blood Center or the mobile drive taking place will have a chance to win a cruise.

It's not a bad deal. You help save a life; in return, you get a shot at sailing out of Galveston on a cruise ship. Every donor will receive a "Team Donor" t-shirt and a ticket to AMP'D Adventure Park. All you have to do is give up an hour of your time.

The cruise is a 7-night cruise sailing out of Galveston, Texas courtesy of Dream Vacations. If you've never been on a cruise, you need to go on at least one. There's nothing like waking up in the morning to look out of a tiny circular window at nothing but water before heading to breakfast. It's a lot more relaxing than it sounds. Plus, most cruise ships are like floating villages with tons of options for entertainment and the occasional pampering.

Where To Donate Blood Saturday, May 4, 2024, In Amarillo, Texas

To get in on the one-day event this Saturday, you'll need to donate at one of two places. You can donate at the Coffee Memorial Blood Center or at the mobile blood drive taking place.

  • Coffee Memorial Blood Center (8 AM - 12 PM)
  • Mobile Blood Drive at Woflin Square (10 AM - 4 PM)

Anyone who is 16 years of age or older and is healthy can donate. Blood can be donated once every 56 days, platelets can be given every 7 days. For more info or to make an appointment, follow this link.

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