In 2020, a vehicle fire was reported on a rural road in Randall County. After extinguishing the flames, nothing could prepare authorities for what they found next. Inside the car, they found the body of Nathan Gerald Fox. They put out the call in 2021 for any information, and reports at the time stated that foul play was suspected. Randall County Sheriff's Office is once again asking for your help in solving this case.

The Mysterious Randall County Car Fire Of 2020

There isn't much known about the mysterious car fire that happened on Hill Road in Randall County back in 2020. A vehicle was reported to be on fire, and once the fire was out authorities discovered a body inside. That's where the story ended in 2020.

In 2021 the body was identified. It was Nathan Gerald Fox. Authorities asked the public for any information and stated that foul play was suspected.

Randall County Sheriff's Office Looking For Info In Mystery Car Fire And Death

Since then, there hasn't been much news about the case. Recently, the Randall County Sheriff's Office once again put out the call for anyone who may have any information to please come forward.

If you have any information at all in this mysterious case, you are urged to contact authorities. You can even do it anonymously. You are urged to call (806) 468-5716 or contact Amarillo Crime Stoppers to leave an anonymous tip. You can contact Crime Stoppers by calling (806) 374-4400.

Hopefully, someone who knows something will contact authorities, and answers to the questions surrounding this mysterious death will finally be answered.

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