Scams have become so common in this day and age that it really is crazy that people still fall for them. There are always so many red flags that they shouldn't be something that people still get suckered into.

Oh, but here we are. If something seems off make that phone call and verify. If someone is trying to rush you into doing something again, red flag. Take the time to think it through and you will probably realize that it is a scam.

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The most recent scam comes out of Randall County. It sure seems like our Sherriff's offices get the brunt of the calls. People are always afraid that they are going to be arrested for something that if they thought about it they would realize is fake.

In the recent scam, someone claimed they were from Ace Cash Services and said the person was delinquent on a loan. Oh, and because of this loan, Randall County Sherriff's office had a warrant for them and looking to come to make the arrest.

The caller hurriedly said if they gave them the personal information to confirm their identity they could then set up a payment plan. The police would not come to arrest them. Again, Randall County Sherriff's office wants to remind you about the acronym S.C.A.M:

  • Stop and take a breath. Scammers will put you on the spot and make you feel rushed.·
  • Collect your thoughts. If the call seems suspicious, it probably is.·
  • Act swiftly, disengage the caller and hang up the phone.
  • Make a report with local law enforcement and call your bank.

Hang up the phone and call a trusted number to confirm. Do not give out your personal information to anyone, especially if you did not initiate the call. No trusted bank, police office, etc. will call you and ask for your personal information. They already have it.

The more scams we put out there hopefully the easier it will be for people to question the scammers. Let's stop being a target and always hang up that phone or delete that email or text.

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