Summer is almost here. Before too long, the kids will be out on summer break, the weather is going to be sunny and hot more often than not, and we're all gong to be looking for a way to pass the time outdoors. If you're looking to get outside with the kids this year, take them fishing.

Here is where to take the kids fishing in Amarillo.

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Good News If You've Got Little Kids Who Would Like To Fish

I'm honestly considering finally making fishing a family activity. Why? It's cheap compared to most others. Kids under 17 don't have to have a license. That's money staying in my pocket. Forget going to the arcade or the movies.

Load the kids up and take them to the park. Yes, the park. They can get in plenty of fishing at the park. In fact, news of Medi Park getting stocked just broke earlier this week. There's going to be fish to catch.

The two parks you'll want to keep in mind are:

  • Medi Park
  • Southeast Park

Here's a list of places and the number of catches in and near Amarillo, so you can see for yourself.

This is great news.

You Don't Have To Travel A Half-Hour, An Hour, Or More To Go Fishing

Which is fantastic. The price of gas right now is a real kick in the wallet, and it freaking hurts. You start driving all over God's green Earth, and just fuel alone winds up being a major expense.

Trust me. I know. I'm on the road every single weekend.

I've seen people fishing Medi Park, and Southeast Park. I've yet to see anyone catch anything, but that will probably change with all of the stocking that will be going on.

But it's not about the catch anyway. Right? It's about spending some time with the kids outside, without having to be stuck in the car with them for hours on end.

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