We’ve all seen the stories about supply chain woes, and we’ve all seen the empty shelves in the grocery stores. But does that mean we should be worried about thanksgiving meal this year? Well that depends if you play it smart and are willing to get what you need now or not. Don’t be that person waiting till the last minute thinking that you still having plenty of time to get everything that you need because you don’t.

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Last minute back up plans

If you do decide to wait till the last minute to go shopping for your thanksgiving meal there is only two options for you. The first option is to have a backup plan for every food item you usually make like for example instead of a turkey this year do a chicken instead or go with option number two and spend some extra time and make everything from scratch. Which in my opinion option number two is the best because most of the things we usually eat for thanksgiving can easily be made from scratch. So you can still have a pretty normal thanksgiving especially given that there is a work around to the turkey problem.

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Turkey work around

The work around is go hunt your own turkey and in the great state of Texas fall turkey season started last Saturday November 6th and runs until January 2nd. So not only can you get your own turkey for thanksgiving but you can also get a turkey for Christmas as well if needed to as the bag limit on turkeys is four.

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So in conclusion this holiday season is not going to be to tricky only if you play it smart and go to the store now and get what you need now or have a backup plan for everything. As for me I’ll make everything homemade this year as most of the things I need are in the produce section and I can go get my own turkey.

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