Every few years there seems to be a new drinkware craze that hits the internet. A few years ago, it was the Hydro Flask and now everyone’s ‘must-have’ are the Stanley cups.

Whether it’s a cute new look, an advancement in functionality, or highly effective advertising, these cups become so desirable that they are nearly impossible to find. Once the initial craze has passed and the company starts producing more of their products, it seems like everyone has one and is raving about it.

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That is until they’ve had it long enough to start seeing the product’s flaws.

The current flaws people are seeing with their Stanley are their tendency to leek, how easy they are to knock over, and that they aren’t the most travel friendly. Oh, and the fact that people keep finding spiders hiding in their straw.

That last one is more of a general cup-with-a-straw problem, and it is absolutely horrifying. While some people are fortunate enough to spot the spider before taking a sip, others aren’t so fortunate.

Knowing how many creepy crawlies we have here in Texas, it definitely has me double-checking every straw from now on. Better yet, I think I'll stick with my Owala that has a cap that covers the straw, ensuring no spiders are making their way inside.

If you want a good spook or need to see the straw-loving spiders for yourself, check out these TikToks:

If you still love your cups with straws and don't want to switch to another brand, these straw caps can also help:

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