Texas was hit by some classic spring rain this past weekend. However, it wasn’t a light sprinkle that came and went without much notice, it was hours of pouring rain that left large portions of the state flooded.

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Keep in mind that average annual rainfall in Texas is around 27 inches. April and May are typically the rainiest months in Texas, with the average rainfall ranging from around 4 to 5 inches for the entire month of May. This weekend alone brought at least three inches of rain to most of the state, and up to 10 inches in some areas.

This large amount of rain led to crazy flash flooding across the Lone Star State, flooding roads, yards, and homes.

Many Texans took to the internet, specifically TikTok, to share their flooding experience. Take a look at some of the craziest ones I found.

Lubbock, TX:

Houston, TX:

Nacogdoches, TX:

Carthage, TX: Warning-NSFW Language

Montgomery, TX:

East Texas:

Round Rock, TX:

Texas High School:

South Texas:

I hope anyone that was severely impacted by this flooding is okay and is getting the help they need. It is always terrible to go through a natural disaster like this, so I send my thoughts out to those impacted.

Let this all be a reminder to prepare your home for flooding, avoid driving through standing water, and overall be prepared for crazy natural disasters like this. Also keep in mind that tornado season is upon us, especially in West Texas, so also prepare your homes and family for tornados.

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