One of the greatest things about Amarillo is we have amazing first responders.  Among those first responders are firefighters. We are blessed to have a great fire department that keeps us safe.

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Not only does our fire department put out fires, but they show up to every car wreck that is called in just in case they need to help save someone from a crushed car, or a car that is on fire and medical calls.  That isn't even the extent of their services, their emergency response includes aircraft rescue and firefighting, technical rescue, hazardous materials response, risk reduction, domestic preparedness, and public education services.  Our amazing fire department does way more than extinguish fires.

They are active in our community as well.

The Mission of the Amarillo Fire Department

The Amarillo Fire Department’s mission is to protect our community by providing the highest quality of compassionate and professional services.

Amarillo Firefighters have been doing this since the first fire department was established in 1897.  It was known as Amarillo's Hook and Ladder.

Historical Photos of the Amarillo FIre Department

Here's a historical look at the Amarillo Fire Department.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford

According to the City of Amarillo, the Amarillo Fire Department serves a 100-square-mile area. The AFD has grown from one station in 1897 to 13 stations in 2024.  The AFD also employs 281 people.   Our fire department answers over 20,000 calls each year. It's interesting seeing the evolution of Amarillo in pictures, especially the fire department which has kept our city safe for 127 years.

The Amarillo Fire Department also has an extensive training facility to train their new cadets. They are introducing a new generation of firefighters to keep Amarillo safe each year. We are lucky to live in a city with an amazing fire department, and it continues to grow to provide protection and safety to the residents of the Yellow City.

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Gallery Credit: Danny Merrell

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