Welcome to 2023 with the counts reset on homicides, robberies, and fires in Amarillo.

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The Amarillo Fire Department responded to a fire call in the 800 block of South Manhattan Street on Wednesday morning, January 5th.   Firefighters were able to see the smoke rising from the home as they were on their way to the fire.  Once on arrival, they found that the home had heavy fire coming from the rear of the house.

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Fire crews walked around the home and found a power line down in the home's backyard.  To ensure the safety of the AFD crew, Xcel Energy was called to shut the power off to the home.  Firefighters were able to enter through the front door to search for occupants and were able to extinguish the fire.

AMS treated an occupant for smoke inhalation on-site but they declined transport to a local hospital.

When fires occur most people wonder were there pets in the house, we love our pets and all pets.   Well, this home's furry fido, dynamic doggo, perky puppers, was able to escape the home safely.  However, the dog was partly to blame for the fire.

The cause of the fire was determined accidental because the dog knocked over a lit candle.  The fire did start in a bedroom addition with a separate attic.

This is a reminder about how you should never leave a candle unattended.  You never know what might happen.  Pets get hyper and some have big tails, and this doesn't mean dogs.  Cats have a tendency to knock things off tables and shelves as well.

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