With everything being done digitally these days, Amarillo residents are finding themselves in compromised positions more often than not. We used to do everything we could to protect our sensitive info, and when things weren't all done digitally, it was easy to do that.

Now, everything is digitally done. Shopping is done online where we enter credit card info. Bills are paid online, and records at offices are all kept digitally.

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Because of this, we are finding more and more data breaches happening, more credit card fraud because numbers are readily available, and identities stolen because social security numbers and everything you need to know about a person is sitting right there.

Well, some hackers got the better of Dental Group of Amarillo recently, and now a bunch of patient info is sitting in the wrong hands.

The data breach occurred back in October 2023 between the 3rd and 19th, and plenty of info could've been potentially stolen. Some of the info that could've been exposed included, but not limited to, names, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and health information.

The breach was detected on October 26th and DGA immediately launched an internal investigation that showed all the above could've been potentially exposed and taken. The info that was exposed is everything a criminal would need to commit identity theft.

On January 9th, 2024, they began informing patients they identified as someone who could've had their info stolen with letters going out on May 9 to the affected individuals with detailed information regarding the breach.

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