A dad on Reddit is wondering if he was in the wrong for yelling at another man for using the urinal next to his little boy.

"Yesterday I took my 7-year-old son to Ikea and I took him to use the bathroom when we got there. There were three urinals, all empty. My son used the one on the far left. Some guy walked in and went to the middle urinal," the man explained.

"I said 'Dude, really? You have to use the urinal next to my kid?' He glanced over at me and said Relax, man.' I told my son to go use the stall. My son asked if I was mad at the guy and I said he's just a weirdo freak and I'm sorry you had to be close to him," he continued his post.

"As it turns out, he was an employee because he gave me a dirty look in his Ikea uniform when I saw him on the sales floor. Even if he wasn't a weirdo freak, you don't use the urinal next to a kid when others are available," the dad concluded.

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In the comments section, Reddit users slammed the dad for overreacting and being a "drama queen."

"Just because it’s a social norm to not use the urinal next to someone doesn’t mean you get to call someone names if they choose to use it. If he’s an employee there it seems likely that he did this out of habit, not because he wanted to perv on your kid. You took an innocent situation and turned it aggressive, your son will likely remember this interaction," one user wrote.

"It's not a social norm. A social norm is not to scream at strangers in the bathroom," someone replied to that comment.

I'm not a guy and don't understand guy code so I may not be looking at this right and others can feel free to call me out. However I would say [you made] such a big deal out of something that didn't need to be. You used a public bathroom. All bets are off. Not everyone is going to do things the way it should be done and it's ridiculous to expect someone to live up to your personal standards of right and wrong in a public space," another reader weighed in.

"He came in, grabbed an empty urinal and was minding his own business. You’re the one that made this an issue. Your kid doesn’t have special rights to have an open urinal next to him simply because he’s a child," someone else commented.

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