Jaden Smith went on a bizarre, anti-education rant on Twitter this week, leading many fans -- and concerned parents -- scratching their heads.

Perhaps listen to too much of 'Another Brick in the Wall' and forgetting that much of his own success is due to his rich, famous, powerful and connected parents, Smith began his Twitter tirade as such:

Pretty interesting, coming from someone whose family has ties to Scientology. In any case, Smith continued:

OK, we can sort of see that. If nothing else, it would explain the Taliban's opposition to Malala Yousafzai. We wonder if Smith knows who that is. He continued:

But dude, they can't even wipe themselves. He went on:

We love us some Jaden Smith, but we're not so sure about that. Hopefully, if nothing else, we'd have a society of people who know their appropriate roles. For example, if you're a gifted 14-year-old rapper whose dad is a movie star, you'd know not to tell your legions of less fortunate fans to drop out of school. At least not before they learned how to capitalize properly.

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