The concept of the horror movie's "final girl" has undergone something of a renaissance in recent years with the aid of movies like 'You're Next' turning the idea on its head, but ABC Family may have the last word in coming to define the term. Iconic horror survivor Jamie Lee Curtis will return to TV to lead ABC Family's new horror drama 'The Final Girls,' but what could such a family-friendly series do with the concept?

Via Deadline, Curtis is attached to star in high-profile Jeff Dixon horror spec script 'The Final Girls,' with Steve Miner set to direct and executive produce the project should ABC Family decide to take the series to pilot. No formal greenlight has yet been issued, though supposedly the project has been put on the fast track.

True to Curtis' horror movie past as iconic 'Halloween' survivor Laurie Strode, 'The Final Girls' would follow group of girls who have survived their own personal horror stories, as Curtis' mysterious older character unites them to "channel the stress and scars of their experience for some greater good."

For her part, Curtis hasn't kept a regular TV role since 1989 series 'Anything But Love,' though the actress engaged in public arcs on both 'NCIS' and FOX's 'New Girl' in recent years.

We'd be on board to see Curtis return headline a genre she practically started, even on ABC Family, but what say you? Would you want 'The Final Girls' to survive the development hack and slash?

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