The Jackson family has been long known for elaborate lifestyles and dysfunctional upbringing, while still seeming to sit on top of the world. Jermaine gives his rendition of life as a Jackson in his Memoir to be released in the future.

Singer Jermaine Jackson is pulling back the curtain on his famous, if somewhat dysfunctional showbiz family. According to Reuters, Jermaine is writing a memoir about his family and specifically his brother, the late Michael Jackson.

The title ‘You Are Not Alone: Through a Brother’s Eyes’ certainly indicates the perspective of the book, which is due out via Touchstone in Fall 2011. If anyone has an insider’s view point of the King of Pop, it’s Jermaine. This book certainly will have a captive audience, given the millions of fans who still mourn the loss of Michael Jackson and purchase music and memorabilia related to him.