If you were wondering when we'd get to see John Travolta on the big screen again, wonder no longer -- the actor has just joined the heist thriller 'The Forger.'

According to The Wrap, John Travolta has been cast in the heist movie 'The Forger' from director Philip Martin. Based on a script by Richard D’Ovidio, who wrote Brad Anderson's horror thriller 'The Call,' the film follows Ray Cutter, a man who was once a child prodigy in the art world, but left that promising future behind to follow his father into the theft business. Now serving time in prison, he strikes up a deal to get out and spend time with his sick son, but that freedom comes with a price -- one last heist job for the crime syndicate brokering his release.

We didn't see John Travolta for a couple of years between 2010's 'From Paris with Love' and last year's 'Savages,' but Travolta is back and lining up projects -- aside from 'The Forger,' he's also starring in 'Killing Season' for Mark Steven Johnson with Robert De Niro, and 'Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father,' which is scheduled for a 2014 release, and in which he will play John Gotti Sr.